George Nathaniel Curzon
The Most Honourable
The Marquess Curzon of Keddlestone


Born: 11 January 1859

Died: 20 March 1925 (age 66)

Viceroy of India
6 January 1899 - 18 November 1905

President of the Air Board
15 May 1916 - 3 January 1917

Lord President of the Council
10 December 1916 - 23 October 1919
3 November 1924 - 20 March 1925

Foreign Secretary
23 October 1919 - 22 January 1924

Leader of the House of Lords
3 November 1924 - 20 March 1925


Lord Curzon

Naming an institute is not an easy task. We all take inspiration, motivation and education from a wide range of sources. Indeed individuals who may serve to inspire, motivate and educate us may themselves not be archetypal heroes and heroines. Their lives may be a complex blend of competing and contradicting features which contribute directly to their efficacy as subjects of study and emulation.

Lord Curzon is such a figure. Born in 1859, he is at once a great British hero and controversial. His life is a fine example of the potential inherent in a product of the finest English public schooling, an Oxford University education, parliamentary service, travel to exotic lands, high political office and the privilege and responsibility that comes with governing what is today the world’s largest democracy, and was then the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire, India. Lord Curzon was a patriot, a formidable visionary, an able ruler of disparate communities and all the while a humble servant of our nation. Having experienced outstanding political success, he then faced political failure and admirably regained to eventually become a leading contender to be Prime Minister. Lord Curzon died in 1925.

The Curzon Institute takes inspiration, motivation and education from the life and person of Lord Curzon. We acknowledge that his brilliance, his shortcomings, his successes and his mistakes combine to form a figure of historic repute from whom we have much to learn.

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